Twilight Nipple Altar, 2018 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, stone, stick, eraser

Piano Leg, 2019 – Hydrocal, oil pastel

Pomegranate Fingers, 2019 – Hydrocal, dried pomegranate, oil pastel

Clenched Toes with Blanket, 2020 – Hydrocal, oil pastel

Column with Sky and Faces, 2018 – Hydrocal and oil pastel

Body Column with Gazing Pool, 2018 – Hydrocal and plexiglass

Moon with Arms around Torso and Landscape, 2020 – Hydrocal and oil pastel

Large Body Column with Gazing Pool, 2018 – Hydrocal and Plexiglass

Death Blue Self-Portrait, 2018 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, mirror, burnt Christmas tree stump

Hanging Clasping Hands with Belly Button, 2019 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, hand-woven net

Firewood with Pussy at Sunset, 2018 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, wood

Table with Mirror, Log, and Vulva, 2020 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, wood, mirror

Feet with Burl, Flower, Sky and Faces, 2018 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, alginate, wood burl, flower

Ankle Landscape, 2018 – Hydrocal foot cast at the beach, oil pastel

Clasping Hands on Index Card, 2018 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, index card

Cinderblock with Hand on Belly, 2019 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, cinderblock

Hands with Stick, 2019 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, stick, gold leaf
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