Dustin's Face In the Grass Viewed from Below, 2018 – Hydrocal, pinecones, oil pastel

Fingered Mountain, 2019 – Hydrocal, stick, oil pastel

Wall Vulva with Sky Openings, 2019 – Hydrocal, oil pastel

Forest Body Splits, 2018 – Hydrocal, oil pastel, wood frame

Cob with Teeth and Spit River, 2018 – Hydrocal, oil pastel

Two Horizons, 2018 – Eucalyptus bark, acrylic, hydrocal, branches

Clasping Hands with my Rock Collection, 2018 – Hydrocal, quartz, oil pastel

Firewood with Vulva – log, hydrocal

What Do We Do With Our Private Excitement – Hydrocal, paper, acrylic, log, sedum and lavender stalks

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